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What Steve Jobs Knew About High Tech Parenting

child with ipadIs “Digital Dementia” in Your Child’s Future?

It’s surprising…

Word has it that the late Apple guru, Steve Jobs, did not allow his kids to spend too much time with their digital gadgets.

Several recent articles including a piece in the New York Times entitled Steve Jobs Was A Low-Tech Parent have shed light on this little known fact about Jobs and what went on in his home.

“We limit how much technology our kids use at home,” Jobs was quoted as saying in the New York Times article. Continue reading →

Beyond Paleo

Beyond PaleoIs a Primal Diet Prescription for You?

One of the most common questions I’m asked these days is about my take on the Paleo diet.

Here are some reflections I received recently from a devoted five-year dieting fan who is following a program that she regards as “Beyond Paleo.”

“In search of the perfect dietary plan, I have scoured blogs and text books, consulted friends and family, and even watched full length TV commercials.

Many are so far off base that it is downright comical.  Some come close, but lack key principles. Continue reading →

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The Underestimated Ultimate Nutrient

glutamineBrain food that heals the gut, maintains muscle mass and fortifies immunity.

The fall always reminds me of my experience over twenty years ago when I was writing my first book, Beyond Pritikin (Bantam, 1988).

Back then (in the mid 1980s), I worked with an extraordinarily fast computer whiz, Chris, who transcribed my handwritten manuscript. Because of Chris’ schedule we often had to work through the night.

Chris was so capable and helpful, that I agreed to stay up and work alongside her. I marveled at Chris’ consistent mental focus—even after a full day of “regular” work with her 9 to 5 job. Continue reading →

My Top 10 Supplements for Kids

Top 10 Supplements for KidsBack to School Control for ADHD, Immunity, and Weight Control.


1. Fish Oil

The most remarkable news about omega 3-rich fish oil is its dramatic effect on children.  Numerous studies over the past three decades have demonstrated that kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) had lower omega-3 levels than their “normal” peers.

Fish oil is high in the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, but DHA especially has been shown to improve a variety of learning disorders including dyslexia.

If your child needs to improve his/her ability to focus and concentrate, a teaspoon of Carlson’s The Very Finest Fish Oil provides the study-backed dose of 500 mg DHA that improves learning disabilities.

Mixed in salad dressing, used as a topping on non-GMO popcorn, or drizzled on veggies, fish oil improves mental health and is good for the whole family…with no fishy aftertaste and a hint of lemon! Continue reading →

Shed Belly Fat Ultra Fast for Fall

Rebgreen smoothies belly fatoot Your Body & Melt Over 3 Inches of Belly Fat Each Week.

Whether your diet is vegan, vegetarian, raw, Paleo, low carb or you are a juice fan, there’s one thing we can agree upon. Our hunger for quick, clean, and easily digestible nutrition is insatiable.

Fat Flusher Christine O’Leary lost 139 pounds with our plant protein detox plan.

She melted 7 “waist inches” in two weeks with such a dramatic testimonial that she was featured in a cover story for First for Women magazine. Continue reading →

A Cure for Chronic Fatigue, Inflammation & Insomnia Right Beneath Your Feet?

earthing products The Unsuspected Missing Link Triggering Today’s Health Epidemics

What if I told you that you could easily sleep through the night, overcome tiredness, and heal inflammatory conditions?

Insomnia, chronic fatigue and systemic inflammation are three of our most prevalent complaints in America these days.

And while diet, exercise, environmental toxins and stress are no doubt some of the underlying culprits, there is something more basic and fundamental than even the healthiest habits.

The solution is much closer and simpler than you can imagine. Continue reading →

Trouble Sleeping?

8-15-2014Shedding light on artificial light from glowing gadgets.

“Darkness is as essential to our biological welfare, to our internal clockwork, as light itself,” writes Verlyn Klinkenborg in a fascinating National Geographic article.

Sleep scientists find that bathing our world in artificial light not only disrupts our body clocks but also disturbs the production of vital regulatory hormones—like melatonin.

In fact, a recent study from the University of Southern California showed that exposure to light from electronic devices like your Kindle or iPad for a mere two hours reduces melatonin levels by 22%. Continue reading →

Reversing Cellulite

462282395Four simple strategies to fight cellulite.

You’ve lost those stubborn inches. You’ve gained a tremendous amount of energy. You have healthy, glowing skin, your eyes have new sparkle. Your friends think you look fabulous, and you feel renewed.

There’s only just one concern that remains…cellulite! For most of us women, cellulite is an annoying aspect of getting older that we’d dearly love to get rid of.

But, there’s good news on the horizon.

Fat Flushers across the country have reported to me for years that simply by following my diet and fitness plans, they noticed that their cellulite simply seemed to disappear…in fact, many have nicknamed my Fat Flush Plan the “anti-cellulite diet!” Continue reading →

Treat Your Face to a Lymphatic Massage

lymphatic facial massageA simple technique to relax, rejuvenate and regenerate facial skin.

The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump which means you need to move the lymph through its channels some other way.

As Joanie Greggains and I concur in The Fat Flush Fitness Plan, massage is one of the most effective ways to help your lymph move through its channels and nodes more efficiently, nourishing your tissues and making white blood cells–the mainstay of your immune system–available to your entire body.

Massage also stimulates your circulation, freeing toxins and waste products and carrying them down into the lymph system which then removes them from your body. Continue reading →

Supercharge Your Lymph

dry brush massageBrush Your Way to Summer Beauty.

Last week’s blog was so popular, it inspired me to discuss another—more advanced lymph flow technique—that is perfect for summer beauty!

The dry skin brush massage is a wellness technique highlighted in my books, The Fat Flush Fitness Plan and Fat Flush for Life.

One of  the most effective detox techniques, dry brush massage can help you achieve your weight loss goal by stimulating lymph flow, increasing circulation, and activating your skin’s oil-producing glands. Continue reading →

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