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The Perfect Protein to Boost Immunity, Build Muscle, Burn Fat

whey protein powder for weight lossHow to Find the Best Whey Protein Powder for Weight Loss

No doubt about it, the right protein is a secret weapon for immune boosting, energy and detox, but who can always find the time to prepare healthy protein meals for a Fat Flush or Paleo diet?

When time is so precious, convenience rules!  And that’s why whey is the perfect solution for busy people who want the ultimate nutrient-packed fast food nourishment.

It is unsurpassed with its unique array of health benefits—not found in other protein sources.

With the highest protein efficiency ratio of any food, it has long been the go-to “fast fuel” for fitness buffs and dieters alike. Continue reading →

Debunking the Hottest Health Trends:  Coconut Oil and Weight Loss

coconut oil and weight lossWhy Coconut Oil May Be Secretly Sabotaging Your Fat Burning Efforts

Coconut oil is the nutritional darling of best-selling books, social media and DIY blogs.

Everyone has picked their favorite of the “101 ways to love coconut oil” and has maybe even revolutionized their personal care and beauty routines.

Coconut oil is a wonder for weight loss.  Though not an omega fat, it does contain medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that rev up your metabolism and improve thyroid function. Continue reading →

The Benefits of Bodyweight Training

Experience the benefits of bodyweight training exercises3 Simple Exercises to Burn Fat, Sleep Better & Live Longer!

The research is in—Bodyweight training is hot, Zumba is not!

Exercise fads come and go.

This year, though, a research poll with the American College of Sports Medicine is telling us to get back to the basics.   Continue reading →

Secrets of a Top Fat Burning Supplement

top fat burning supplementMulti-tasking Ingredients Boost Metabolism, Balance Hormones and Lower Cholesterol

Weight loss supplements are always in the news.  There are so many different options gaining popularity, so which one do you choose?

I’ve tracked emerging trends and cutting-edge research and there are several top fat burning supplements that indeed seem promising—including mulberry, green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia and Forskolin.

One thing is for sure, though—there are certain ingredients you need to stay away from no matter what: Continue reading →

Get a Clean Slate: 10 Ways to Start 2015 Right

iStock_000054707932_Large2015 has just begun…

If you’ve ever set resolutions before, you know how easily they can fall by the wayside.  So, this year I’ve put together a fail-proof list of “habits”—not resolutions—that will make you feel so good, you’ll never want to turn back.

1. Combat Stress, Anxiety and Depression with Probiotics

Brand new research has made another compelling argument for the importance of the normal flora in our bodies.  A study published in Psychopharmacology showed that pre-biotics (fiber that feeds good bacteria) make a significant difference in our emotional state.  Volunteers taking a pre-biotic had lower cortisol levels, reduced anxiety and depression, and less of a stress response to negative stimuli than the volunteers who received a placebo.

I’ve taken Flora-Key for years now. I pop it into my morning smoothie, use it as a sweetener and add it to no-heat recipes. I’m thankful it provides complete microbiome support offering prebiotic FOS and probiotics acidophilus, B. longum, B. bifidum, L. reuteri, and L. plantarum. Continue reading →

Flip Your Metabolic Switch By Avoiding This Single Ingredient

fructose weight gainUncover The Sneaky Sugar Making You Fat!

Do you ever grab a snack while you’re on the go, just to find yourself even hungrier shortly after you’ve eaten it?

I have heard friends and family jokingly refer to this as “jump-starting” their appetite, but new research indicates that depending on the snack, you may actually be doing just that.

The focus of this brand new research by Kathleen Page and her team at the University of Southern California is on fructose.

Sounds sweet, doesn’t it?  You might rethink that after I tell you the facts. Continue reading →

A Remarkable Recovery

James TempletonA Dose of Inspiration for the Season of Giving

Many of us can appreciate the age old axiom, “it’s better to give than receive.”  After all, giving back is one of the best ways to express gratitude for our many blessings.

The urge to give is especially strong this time of year as so many of us open our hearts to charitable causes, visit children’s hospitals, support the troops and stock up the food banks.

But, sometimes the urge to express gratitude is all-consuming—when you’re been given a gift of a miraculous healing, a gift so extraordinary that you feel overwhelmingly inspired to dedicate your life to paying it forward. Continue reading →

Natural Skincare: Age-Defying Breakthroughs!

natural skincareWatch Skin Tags, Brown Spots and Expression Lines Disappear…

Radiant, glowing skin nurtured by 100% natural ingredients without parabens, harsh chemicals, dyes, sulfates and synthetics is every woman’s Christmas wish!

Then, what could be a better gift for yourself this season than BeauCle—Nature’s age-defying skincare line that resolves your toughest skin problems with the world’s most healing botanicals, essential fatty acids, probiotics, and cosmeceuticals.

BeauCle Natural Skincare was recently endorsed by one of the premier health newsletters in the country published by Health Sciences Institute (HSI)… Continue reading →

Sugar vs Fat Burning

Sugar vs. Fat Burning


Which fuel stokes your metabolic fire?

Simply put, your body burns either sugar or fat for energy.

Typically each of us falls into one category or the other. Whether you derive your energy from sugar or fat will ultimately determine your ability to lose weight and keep it off for good.

If you are running on sugar, you will crave sugar and you will not burn body fat. However if you are burning fat as fuel — the preferred fuel source for your system — sugar cravings will become a thing of the past. Continue reading →

Reverse the #1 Issue You Didn’t Know You Had

leaky gut syndromeHeal the Root Cause of Dis-ease in 3 Easy Steps

Identifying this #1 underlying issue when you don’t have ANY of the typical symptoms is downright tricky.

How could you possibly connect the dots when you are NOT experiencing digestive distress problems like bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation?

The truth of the matter is,  for the more than 30% of us with Leaky Gut Syndrome (or intestinal permeability), it is not in the GI tract where symptoms actually manifest. Continue reading →

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