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Frequently Asked Questions About the Parasite Cleanse

October 30, 2006

Q. How long do I need to stay on the Para-Key and Verma-Plus products? Can I really lose weight just be doing a parasite cleanse?


A. Although the article in First for Women suggested a two week cleanse, Ann Louise Gittleman suggests that in order to remove parasites, worms, and their larvae and eggs from the system, the program "ideally" needs to be of longer duration especially if weight loss is also a major goal. Her experience with thousands of clients has shown that the most effective way to lose weight is to use the products with a low sugar, moderate protein, essential fat, and low carb diet loaded with cooked vegetables. (Parasites and worms thrive on simple sugars!)

The products should be taken for a two week period, followed by a five day rest period, for a course of treatment that is repeated up to four times. This time frame will allow you to experience measurable results and the alleviation of symptoms such as gas, bloating, and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) that can last long term. Please visit for total support, motivation and guidance on your weight loss and health journey.


Q. What can I expect when I take the products? Will I be running to the bathroom all the time?


A. While each of us is very unique, most individuals report increased regularity, less bloating, and the elimination of food cravings. Initially, however there can be a die-off phase in which some symptoms can be exacerbated (constipation or diarrhea) but this usually lasts for only four or five days, after which you will notice more energy, better sleep, a more balanced appetite and the loss of pounds and or/inches. If you are having trouble eliminating, please consider using our Super-GI Cleanse and Flora-Key to assist with gentle but effective daily elimination and the recolonization of beneficial bacteria.


The good news is that many people report that their skin clears up, they have less post nasal drip, no more headaches, no more teeth grinding, no more digestive discomforts ranging from IBS to Crohn's and other forms of colitis. Most people do not need to be near a bathroom during work hours. If you are concerned in this regard, then start the products over the weekend, just in case.


Q. Can I still take my medications?


A. You should always check with your health care practitioner about any new regimen, especially when you are taking herbal remedies. That said, we have never found any contraindications with the Para- Key and Verma-Plus with individuals on a variety of meds for diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypothyroidism, for example. Para-Key and Verma-Plus are not blood thinners and contain natural herbal substances that support healthy liver function and the elimination of protozoa and larger organisms from the tissues and GI tract.


Q. Can Para-Key and Verma-Plus be taken together at the same time?


A. It is best to follow the instructions on the label for these products. Take Para-Key at least twenty minutes before a meal (or as close to your meal as you can) and take the Verma-Plus between meals twice a day and before bed.


Q. Why is the Verma-Plus so bitter?


A. Parasites hate bitter and love sugar, therefore, in order to eradicate these uninvited guests from your system, you will need bitter herbs. It's that simple. Use at least 4 ounces of water with your Verma-Plus drops (15 - 20 drops).


Q. What is the difference between the Para and Verma products?


A. Para-Key is designed to help eliminate the microscopic organisms like giardia, amoeba, and Blastocystis hominis while the Verma-Plus targets the larger organisms like tapeworm, pin worm, roundworm, and flukes.


Q. Do I have to follow a special diet?


A. In order to eradicate parasites from the system, it is essential to eliminate their favorite food: sugar! This means that for the first two weeks of the program, no fruit or fruit juice should be consumed. After the first two weeks, one to two pieces of low-sugar fruit (think berries or grapefruit) is acceptable. White flour and white rice should also be eliminated as these foods are metabolized just like sugar!


In addition, moderate protein and lots of cooked vegetables will strengthen the system. Zinc-rich eggs, lean beef, poultry, salmon, and pumpkin seeds (as a snack) will help as well. Please avoid raw salads as much as possible along with Sushi. Take at least two tablespoons of oil per day from flaxseed oil, fish oil or olive oil. You may wish to follow The Fat Flush Plan diet at this time which provides dietary recommendations for all types of foods that will support a parasite elimination program. Avoidance of milk and gluten products from wheat, rye, oats and barley is also very helpful for successful weight loss as milk and gluten intolerance can be linked to parasitic infection!


Additional fiber in the form of ground up flaxseeds or psyllium or the Super-GI Cleanse will enhance your body's ability to transport these "critters" out of the system. It is essential that you are moving your bowels at least once or twice daily!!


Q. Can children take the formulas?


A. Children that weigh 40 - 80 pounds can take ? the adult dosage. There is also a product we have had great success with for children and teens. It is called Zymex II and is taken between meals — 2 caps at least three times daily on an empty stomach. Avoidance of sugar is essential for this product to work! The product can be opened and mixed into unsweetened apple sauce. Please call UNI KEY at 1-800-888-4353 to order this product if you have children or young grandchildren.


Q. How can I learn more?


A. The book Guess What Came to Dinner: Parasites and Your Health by Ann Louise Gittleman is an excellent resource that will tell you everything you need to know about how parasites can enter the system, what the most typical symptoms are, and what to do to remove them and prevent re-infestation. This book will definitely open up a can of worms.



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