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The Invisible Threat That's Packing on Pounds...

The Invisible Threat That's Packing on Pounds...

Studies show 1 in 3 Americans test positive, take my quiz to see if you're at risk. read more

Ann Louise on Extreme Health Radio!

Ann Louise on Extreme Health Radio!

Listen in as Ann Louise discusses copper toxicity, hormones, thyroid health, parasites and much more! read more

Fat Flush Soup

Fat Flush Soup

Get the recipe from the Fat Flush recipe blog! read more

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Stimulate the Lymphatic System

Stimulating the Lymphatic System

How to Activate the Missing Link to Lasting Weight Loss. With temperatures soaring, many of us will be exercising indoors and... Read more

Are You an Emotional Eater?

emotional eating

Put Yourself First On Your To-Do List! I am delighted to share a guest blog by my emotional eating expert, Dr. Denise Lamothe,... Read more

Flax UP for the Fourth of July

flax up for the 4th

Celebrate Independence with Delectable Omega-3 Rich Chips and Dip. Move over Mary's Gone Crackers!  There's a new gluten-free... Read more


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One of the best beverages to fight dehydration, coconut water is also deceptively high in sugar. I suggest about four...

15 hours ago

Alzheimer's is now the 3rd leading cause of death of the US. The similarities between electrohypersensitivity and...

15 hours ago

Here's one chemical we can do without. Please sign and share widely!!!!

2 days ago
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Real People, Like You

I lost 57 lbs and my cholesterol has improved!

"I was introduced to The Fat Flush Plan by my wife, who is a long-term successful Fat Flusher. She started cooking Fat Flush-friendly meals...

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