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Fat Flush Soup in the National News!

Fat Flush Soup in the National News!

Get the recipe that's making headlines... read more

Meet the Guru

Meet the Guru

Ann Louise is a diet revolutionary who spawned the entire detox diet movement! read more

EMFs and Kids: What is the Danger?

EMFs and Kids: What is the Danger?

Listen in to Ann Louise's podcast on the dangers of WiFi for children... read more

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The Perfect Protein to Boost Immunity, Build Muscle, Burn Fat

whey protein powder for weight loss

How to Find the Best Whey Protein Powder for Weight Loss No doubt about it, the right protein is a secret weapon for immune... Read more

Debunking the Hottest Health Trends:  Coconut Oil and Weight Loss

coconut oil and weight loss

Why Coconut Oil May Be Secretly Sabotaging Your Fat Burning Efforts Coconut oil is the nutritional darling of best-selling... Read more

The Benefits of Bodyweight Training

Experience the benefits of bodyweight training exercises

3 Simple Exercises to Burn Fat, Sleep Better & Live Longer! The research is in—Bodyweight training is hot, Zumba is... Read more


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Next month honors heart health. Get a jumpstart by protecting your body's most important organ with CoQ 10 - 100 - 300...

2 hours ago

Have you lost some weight by dropping wheat? If so LIKE this post and let me know what you have been substituting for...

8 hours ago

"The head bone is connected to the neck bone; the neck bone is connected the shoulder bone" goes the old song but...

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Real People, Like You

I'm an everyday, working mom and I lost 23 lbs!

"After having my son 6 years ago I have struggled to lose that last 30 lbs. Down the road of life over those 6 years, that 30 lbs went up and...

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